1          As a busy professional or a business owner, you will often find that day-to-day administrative tasks or organisational projects cannot be handled without help. They consume a huge chunk of your quality time and you wished, once in a while, there would be a helping hand when the amount of work becomes overwhelming. That, exactly, is when you should consider hiring a virtual assistant.


My name is Candy, the director of TimeFixr. TimeFixr is a virtual assistant service designated to help you whenever necessary, allowing you the time and freedom to focus on the tasks which truly demand your personal attention. I believe everyone should lead a wonderful life where work-life balance is exactly as one desires. With more than seven years of administrative experience in the business world, I realise just how much people rely on virtual assistants. I set out to create a one-stop site for those who are in need of extra help from time to time.
We aim to help busy professionals and bustling businesses reduce their workload without the hassle of employing a full time worker in the office. We also wish to lift tedious daily tasks from business owners’ shoulders.
My background lies within administration. I have also spent many years translating and proofreading for healthcare professionals. On top of this I volunteered at World Vision Organisation events and have spent much of my life travelling; for three consecutive years I travelled to more than 25 countries and have spent time working in New Zealand and Australia.
I consider myself a true professional in handling administrative tasks. Meticulous as I am, I utilise my perfectionism and ability to help others in wide ranges of tasks in the form of an assistant. Thanks to my diverse background and tech-savviness, I am able to use my transferable skills in innumerable business environments.
Currently, I reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a Malaysian Chinese who speaks and writes three different languages fluently. I am greatly interested in business start-ups and entrepreneurship. It pleases me when people around me successfully built a stable and lucrative business. My goal is to educate Malaysians on the benefits of hiring virtual assistants, and to eventually work location-independently as I travel the world to learn about new cultures and places.
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