Director of TimeFixr VA Services. A seasoned executive with more than 7 years of in-office administrative experience with healthcare background. An expert in ticking off to-do lists who loves consuming a large portion of information every day, she is your best bet in dealings with schedules, data and record keepings. Attentive and communicative, she takes pride in her ability to effectively tackle business needs as a like-minded entrepreneur.


An expert in report management, data analysis and Microsoft Excel formulas. From daily numbers to yearly statistics, she can translate your data into an organized and easy-to-read report or tracker, based on your business needs! As a design undergraduate, she also has a pair of keen eyes for design and beautiful stuff.


A very imaginative bilingual copywriter and translator. He manages your social media effectively by curating and writing relevant posts for your needs, with a flair. In the past 5 years, he has written numerous scripts for TV programmes and advertisements. He has also completed a wide range of translation projects from general translation to professional academic translation as a team leader.


Your friendly translation machine. No, I mean, really, being a native speaker of Mandarin who has been living in Australia for more than 5 years, she is able to translate with precision and accuracy. She is also a pharmacist in practice, requests for professional translation on medical texts do nothing but excite her.


A senior auditor with more than 4 years of experience in on-site auditing service. As a multi-tasker, he is able to work with several profiles with large amounts of entries at the same time. He has always satisfied customers with his professionalism in accounting, auditing and bookkeeping.

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