All business is hot with social media since they found people are connecting to each other, talk and share virally using these social media.
But it is not enough to just have a profile page setup with your business logo, you found that you need to engage and respond to the users or they lose interest and they forget about you. Eventually, you found yourself either having dead social media platforms or overwhelming schedule just trying to write and post in a daily manner.


Well, with the introduction of scheduling function and integration of many online apps that allow you to automate your daily social media tasks, it became life-saving. Moreover, with that, you can even outsource it to a Social Media Manager to take care of it entirely for you. You’ll just need to pass your marketing materials, promotions, essential information in time to the manager and set.

Here’s a useful article written by April Sullivan, founder of Virtual Assistant Chick,EntreLeverage, co-founder of the REVA Academy, and is also a new VA mentor. Originally posted on Virtual Assistant Information Website – read on original website

It may not seem like it, but social media as a business tool is a relatively new phenomenon. As little as five years ago when Facebook first started to enter our lives, few business people really looked at it as an opportunity to spread the word about their products or services.

However, when social media is used thoughtfully and carefully by a business, an entrepreneur, or even a corporation, it can make a considerable difference in the way that people perceive you and how you conduct business. Still, some business owners do not understand how to approach the subject. They don’t know how to use the potential, or how to figure out whether they should choose one particular outlet over another. When this type of confusion is evident, the result is predictable. Nothing is done and an opportunity goes to waste.

The perfect solution is a professional Virtual Assistant. Outsourcing your social media online is a smart business move and will help set the foundation for additional tasks to outsource to your virtual assistant.

Social Bookmarking:
Let’s start off by looking at social bookmarking. Essentially we are using the power of crowd sourcing here. When more people talk about a particular subject more focus is given to that subject. In other words, the topic is given credibility. On the internet, a great way of spreading the word is by “bookmarking”. This is when other people essentially vote for the topic in question within a variety of extensive networks, such as Digg. Your virtual assistant will write a compact description of whatever storyline you would like to publicize. This brief will then be distributed through various networks by a variety of people and this will serve to provide new incoming links as well as more brand awareness for your company.

Facebook seems to be at the center of anything to do with social media. It has swiftly become an essential part of many peoples’ lives. Studies have shown that most people registered with the site visit Facebook not only every day but several times each day. A business can – and should – have a dedicated Facebook page. a professional virtual assistant can create a Facebook Page that will work for you and your audience. It can be branded so that it appears very similar to your actual website. Here, however, you will be able to interact with friends, new prospects and can gain exponential exposure by proactively working to establish yourself or your company as the respected expert in your industry.

Twitter: If Facebook is the king of social media, Twitter is the crown prince. This is essentially a micro-blogging platform. Here again, your Virtual Assistant can brand a business page carefully so that it has the appearance of your website and other marketing collateral. Your VA will work to engage with people who are interested in the area within which you operate. By constantly keeping in touch with and Tweeting pertinent news, information, updates and advice, an organization that uses Twitter can be at the forefront of the social media scene.

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