A Virtual Assistant, or VA, is an executive level, administrative professional who works from his/her own office to support clients using some of the latest available technologies.

The Internet has brought many skilled professionals like us out of the corporate environment and back into our homes, enabling us to create a better work-life balance while still performing in the roles we love.

The VA is one such professional.

Working from our home-based offices and making use of the Internet, telephone, fax and email, VAs are able to offer small and medium-sized businesses a quality of administrative support, previously only available to the corporate giants, in a cost-effective manner.

What is the actual cost of a full-time, in-office assistant?

  • First and foremost, you provide the employee with an agreed base salary.
  • You need to provide a cubicle space and pay for the rental and utility bills.
  • By law, you need to provide health insurance, taxes, retirement plan, etc., which is an extra on top at approximately 30-40% of salary.
  • Also, you incurred expenses such as overhead related to time and money spent filling and training your position, the cost of computers and other office technology, office space, lunch hours, sick and vacation pay, and numerous wasted, non-productive hours on the clock, which are difficult to quantify.