Too Busy? Overwhelmed with Tasks and not sure how you can get out of all these?

Talk to us! We can help unloading your administrative burdens by providing genuine services. Here at TimeFixr, we are assistants who genuinely care. We will be the helpers that not only save you time, we will also be the ones that listen, understand and share your visions in your businesses! SCROLL DOWN to see what services we are offering, and remember to download the FREE TIPS (pdf) on ideas to outsource to a Virtual Assistant!

Services We Offer:
Administrative Services

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No matter it is for business or personal,  sometimes you do really wish that you had an assistant of your own and help you with those overflowing tasks. Whether administrative, data entry, your emails, calendar, extensive web research, or anything that can be delegated virtually. We can help you. Just only one thing we are not able to help – we can’t show up in your office to serve you a cup of coffee.

WordPress Maintenance

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If you have a WordPress site that you need someone to just login to update all the plugins, remove dead links / old posts or just delete comments that somehow escape your spam filter. Let me help you with it, save the time to focus on writing your sales pitch, your posts, your promotions, instead of overwhelmed with all these maintenance tasks!

Social Media Management

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Delegate your social media/website maintenance  can save you a lot of time. We can help you search for high traffic / engaging images /  articles to feed your followers, we can also write stunning status about your business. What you need to do is to pass and update us your current and future promotional information,  feature products to be highlighted in all your social media platforms!

Translation & Proofreading

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Globalization and expanding your business or traveling to other countries leads to constant encounter and need to engage more than your native language. We specialized in English, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and Malay translations. Hand this task to us and we help you to translate them according to your needs. All tasks are done with manual translation!

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